1-Minute Easter Watch – First Christian Church of North Hollywood

1-Minute Easter Watch


From Pastor Louise: (Excerpt from her article in the March 14, 2018 newsletter. To read the whole article, download it HERE.)

At First Christian Church, I think we are very proactive about offering opportunities to spend time reflecting about Easter, and attending to the story of Jesus’ passion. We very much celebrate Palm Sunday with our children and the Palm Sunday procession. We also observe Maundy Thursday and the commemoration of the Lord’s Supper, and every year the Elders of the church host Good Friday with a Prayer Vigil and Good Friday service in the evening. This year, we are adding an additional component to the Easter weekend – an alternate Easter Vigil. Actually, it will be more like the Sacred Triduum – a three-day opportunity to consider the most important days of the Christian calendar.

One Minute Easter Watch will be a reading of the story between the Last Supper and Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. Pastor Bob, Jeremy Gillett, Ty Parr and I are recording the scriptures here at the church. And these readings will be posted every three hours throughout the weekend on YouTube and Instagram. The whole series will be available on this website page.