Christi Anderson – First Christian Church of North Hollywood

Christi Anderson

Christi Anderson has served as the Director of Children’s Ministries since 2009. She found FCCNH in 1997. After driving by the corner of Colfax and Moorpark at least a hundred times, she finally stepped through the doors and knew she was “home”. She is honored to be a part of this amazing church family and looks forward to continuing to show the world God’s love through her love of children and families.

Christi has always loved children and is the proud mother of 3 amazing children. She attended Georgia State University where she majored in Child Psychology. After a particularly rough statistical psychology class, she realized that she was heading down the wrong path. She knew that she needed to do something more creative. So she switched majors to recording engineering, in hopes of producing children’s music.

At the age of 9, she found her first true love, figure skating. She went on to compete at the Senior level and has performed in numerous tours and shows across the country. Through skating, she became involved with the Special Olympics. At the age of 14, she inherited the skater no one else wanted and they formed an immediate bond and worked together for several years. They were pen pals until a few years ago.

Christi thanks God every day for showing her the wonder of his ways through the eyes of her children and all of the children she is privileged to know.